Answered By: Anthony Rice
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Yes, under the University’s license with Screenrights (mandated by Part VA of the Copyright Act), you're allowed to record television broadcasts (including free-to-air, cable, and satellite) and radio broadcasts, for educational purposes. The license offers the advantage of allowing extra copies to be made.

To comply with the license, the video needs to be labeled with the following , whether on the item (eg DVD), on the cover, or inserted into the start of the video file:

  • Copied for the University of Wollongong, under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968.
  • This program was transmitted on [date, time & channel].
  • This copy was made on [insert date].

Make sure you're playing the video for educational purposes related to the current course, and that only staff and students involved in that course are present.

Screenrights offers a service called EnhanceTV, which uses the Part VA license to sell videos of television programs. Many educational programs are available through EnhanceTV for a reasonable price.

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