Answered By: Michael Organ
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NHMRC policy requires the full-text of all peer-reviewed journal articles arising from a grant, even where the funding is only partial, are made publicly available via an institutional repository within 12 months of the date of publication.

This requirement relates to publications dating from 1 July 2012. The NHMRC also encourages researchers to deposit any further publications arising from a grant in an open access repository.

The ARC requires all published material arising from a grant to be included in an institutional repository within 12 months of the date of publication. This relates to publications dating from 1 January 2013.

The Chief Investigator is responsible for ensuring the conditions of a grant are met, irrespective of their authorship role.

Publications need only be deposited in one repository, however, duplicate metadata (with or without the full-text) may be deposited in additional repositories at the discretion of co-authors from other institutions.

Publishers can have varying policies about which version of publications may be made available in repositories and the length of embargo periods before a publication may be deposited in a repository. 

Contact the Library at for assistance in determining which version of your publication can be made available and regarding embargoes.

If a copyright licence or agreement precludes releasing an article, this must be recorded in the Final Report for the grant. Similarly, if an agreement does not allow a publication to made available within 12 months, it needs to be made available as soon as possible after this date and this must be recorded in your Final Report. 

Please note that grant recipients are not required to use paid open access options offered by some publishers.

Research Online is the University of Wollongong's institutional open access repository. You can email copies of your publications to Be sure to send the grant numbers for those publications linked to grants.

Your publications will be deposited in Research Online.